Eating is an essential activity! But, to eat well is the purest form of self-respect one could give to oneself. But, are we viewing our eating and dieting habits this way? Although most of us know that dieting is a form of changing ourselves to be fit and healthy, we don’t always succeed in attaining it. If we quickly check out with other acquaintances, we would understand that most of the dieting plans are not lasting longer. This is why we need to view the dieting as a form of self-respect. If we start seeing the diet in this aspect, there are lots of chances that our diets would last longer thereby, enabling us to become fit and healthier.
In the following article, we have attempted to help you in the process of enhancing your health by following the same principle. Let’s see how we can achieve fitness by considering diet as a form of self-respect here…
Start learning from mistakes:
If you are already on the journey of improving your health or you are just starting-off, don’t worry if you are slipping away a little bit. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to eating foods and this doesn’t mean that you are unfit to achieve your fitness. Start dealing your weakness by properly assessing yourself. Try to evaluate how many calories you have taken in a day? Do certain situations like parties trigger your craving?
Now, try to answer why you are forced to eat/drink in an unhealthy manner. We would say only if you are able to confront the root cause of your emotions, you will be able to quit or stay away from the emotional eating or drinking habits. The best way to avoid your emotional foods is, to be honest with yourself and practice facing the emotions as they come.
Remember, each and every one of us is bound to make mistakes at some point in time. The difference lies in the fact that some may address it, while some may not address it immediately. Slipping away once or twice is not a bad thing, but slipping away repeatedly is!
Start breaking the cycle:
When it comes to your eating and maintaining health, always be responsible for your own actions. Take a minute to think about yourself and analyze where you are. At any time, don’t blame others for the eating decisions you made and make. Remember, no one will ever manipulate your eating and/or drinking habits that are unhealthy to you.
Yes, it’s easy to put all the blame on others, but it won’t help change your eating habits. On the other hand, blaming yourself for the decisions you make will be hard, but only then you can be able to take a forward leap. Only when you can admit your mistakes you will start realizing your mistakes. Now, you will have all the strength to change everything. This will help stop taking eating decisions that are against your interests. And this, in turn, will help stop yourself from committing the same mistakes over and over.
Start thinking you are worthy:
Just like every other person on the globe, you are also good enough in your own way. No matter whether you are just starting off with your healthy eating journey or have already passed a few years into it. You must understand the fact that you are deserved to be treated with the best foods. Therefore, start respecting yourself and make food choices that could reflect this.
We agree that it’s not easy to break the cycle while it’s easier to remain in the same cycle. After all, you know just this. But, you have already analyzed yourself and started differentiating between the good and bad food habits you have. So, after knowing this, if you continue to be in the same cycle, then it’s going to give numbness only. You are supposed to address your emotions and try to reset your whole cycle.
Remember, as a normal human being, we are always on the lookout for the best things in our life. May it be your car, home, or gadgets, we always want to ensure that we are getting the best. We always take our time to choose the ideal clothes for ourselves. Yes, of course, affordability does matter. But, we always try to buy the best thing for the money we can afford. This, we need to start applying for our foods too.
Think about preparing a good meal for yourself than to drive to a restaurant or food court for getting something cheaper. Is it not the best way to respect your body?
Start listening to your body:
Yes, make it a practice to listen to your body before deciding the foods to eat. Your body would tell you exactly what it needs. Remember, you always have the privilege of selecting what you should eat. Use this privilege wisely and try to avoid the foods that are unhealthy for you. Don’t be afraid to avoid those foods that are unhealthy. Avoid drinking alcohol and start avoiding the junk foods.
Recall how you felt when you had eaten the junk foods. The junk foods like your greasy pizzas and fried chips would make feel lethargic, as well as bloated. What did alcohol do you? It is sure to give you a head breaking hangover and nausea when you wake up the next morning. Whenever other people force you to consume foods that are harmful to you, recall these things and remember, eating such things is a huge disrespect for yourself.
Final Thoughts:
Finally, if you are not happy with any of your food habit and if you want to make a transformation do it right away. Don’t wait until next week or year. Start changing right away and dedicate yourself to the change completely. And, every action from this time should be supporting this. If you are not able to change at the first time, don’t take it up as a failure. Keep trying until you achieve it finally!

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