This was said by “Ingrid Newkirk”, the president of PETA. Although this statement cannot be accepted by many of us, I would say that it’s better to be a vegetarian than to eat meat. We can quote several reasons for this. If you ask someone who doesn’t consume meat, they would either say that it’s cruel to eat meat or they would say that they don’t like the taste. The most common you would get is the first one. Do you think there are no other reasons to become a vegetarian in the 21st century? If your answer is no for this, then I would recommend reading the following article to know why you should be a vegetarian. Come on; continue reading…
Better Health Outcomes:
It’s accepted worldwide that plants are rich in nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants. Here, I will confirm the fact here. By consuming the diets rich in plants, you are taking in more nutrients like these. Thus, you would have a glowing and healthy skin. But, wait, plants are not only good for your skin’s health. They would tend to lower your blood pressure because of the lower levels of fat and sodium in them. Finally, remember that the vegetarian foods would increase your life expectancy significantly. I know you won’t agree with me in this. But, I have a proof for this. The residents of Okinawa, Japan are found to be having the longest life expectancy in the world. The key to this longevity is found to be a low-calorie diet containing fruits and vegetables.
Better Outlook:
It’s observed that the vegetarians are choosing their way of eating mainly for the health reasons. Therefore, these people are more likely to be capable of following or adopting other healthy choices like avoiding smoking and drinking. Also, these people will be capable of exercising more. All these combined together will have a positive impact on the long-term health of a person. It’s therefore that the vegan-style eating is found to be giving a better outlook.
Lots of Options:
It’s not like the previous century! As we are already in the 21st century, we could notice that there is no dearth of vegetarian eateries in the country. This holds true for almost any city in India. For instance, if you could just type in Google as “Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in New Delhi”, you will be surprised to know that there are more than hundred vegetarian restaurants there. Not only you have lots of options in restaurants but also there are lots of options in the menus too. From phulkas to salad, from kebab to paratha, what can’t you find in the vegetarian menu? Therefore, it’s not very difficult to become a vegetarian and to stay in this healthy lifestyle today.
Saving our Planet:
One of the most recent statistics shows that a median carnivore Brit is consuming thirty sheep, eighty turkey, and 4,500 fishes over its lifetime. In addition, the other animals are also be taken by the Brit. Often, those animals would include the following:

  • Rabbits
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Goats
  • Prawns
  • Squid

It’s been noted that almost 70% of the agricultural land is being used for the growth of livestock. And, the percentage would increase with an increase in population. The livestock would consume water daily and will produce methane through their feces. All these would greatly ruin our planet. Therefore, it’s important for us to save our Earth by quitting meat.
Vegan Diet helps Animals:
Today, we have landed in an era where we have started practicing high-pressure agriculture. Due to this, the animals that are reared for meat are being kept in overcrowded stalls, sheds, or cages. In these, the animals would not get a place to turn around or to take a step. In addition to all these, most of the animals that are grown for meat are deprived of proper veterinary care, physical exercise, and sunlight. It’s our duty to understand that these species are just like us with the senses.
As the rate of consumption of meat in the form of patties, burgers, and nuggets are increasing day by day, it has been noted that millions of animals are killed every day. Deciding what we should eat would mean a lot to these animals. It should be surprising for you to know that by becoming a vegetarian, you can save over 25 billion animals every year. Now, just think whether you are ready to save these animals.
Stop Being Cruel to the Animals:
In the modern day factory farms, it has been noted that the animals are treated very badly. They are injecting the animals routinely with hormones and other stimulants so as to make them grow big and fast. Many of these are found to be cancer-causing agents. Despite knowing all these, the factories are continuing to use them for their animals with the only objective of increasing the production. In most of the factories, we can see that the feedlots are stringent and filthy. In most of the places, we can find the open sewers and choking air. In these conditions, it will be difficult for any species to survive. But, these animals are surviving just because of the antibiotics. Keeping all this in mind, we need to try eliminating all the animal products from our everyday diet.
Better Souls:
Overall, a vegetarian diet would reduce the needless suffering, as well as the killing on this planet. Thus, following a vegetarian diet is promising to increase compassion for all the animals out there. Thus, we are able to feel light in ourselves. It’s not only important for us to possess a good health but it’s equally important for us to be good in heart. As greatly people rightly said, by immersing ourselves into a vegan diet, we are doing justice not only to all the lovable earthlings but also to our own souls. A vegetarian diet would nourish not only your health but also your invisible soul!

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