No wealth in the world can substitute good health. We have all heard from people saying if we don’t have health, we have nothing. This can be put in another way, if we are comfortable and content with our body, it will be easier for us to focus on our lives and the aspects of living. We should always remember that our physical health is closely associated with our emotional health and wellbeing. Just recall, how a simple cold you contracted last time distracted you from your daily tasks. This thought is more than sufficient for us to appreciate the souvenir.
Focusing on Little Things:
More often, we feel stuck with our bodies. We would struggle to make changes but feel hopeless at our inconsistencies. The feelings and emotional barriers like these can be overcome by starting out small. Let’s take the example of our breakfast here. We know very well that our regular breakfasts could help maintain cardiovascular health, enhance it, stabilize waist size, and enhance our body’s focus. We also know that breakfast is very important and it is not to be ignored. But, are we taking it properly. Most of us don’t follow a regular breakfast schedules owing to our office report timings. We think that upon knowing the benefits of regular breakfast, you will start correcting your breakfast schedules. With this idea, we are charting down the importance of breakfast here:
Breakfast and Heart Health:
Several research studies have shown that breakfast is very critical for heart health. The people who maintained the regular breakfast habits have reported low cholesterol levels, smaller waist size, and stable insulin levels. I know you will be astonished to know this. In today’s stressful work life, maintaining heart health has become a question mark. But, with regular breakfast, you can enhance your heart health pretty easily.
Enhanced Immune System:
A recent research study has shown that consuming a large meal in the mornings could make you more resistant towards the infectious diseases, which are usually caused due to a poor immune system. Therefore, taking regular breakfasts would prevent us from several deadly diseases.
Aids in Weight Loss:
Regular breakfasts would enable your metabolic system to work properly. Thus, it would help burn fat and contribute significantly to weight loss in obese people.
Add to the Energy:
Breakfast is very critical if you want to have the sufficient amount of energy and consciousness until your next meal. Most people tend to ignore the fact that skipping breakfast is the cause of tiredness and distraction from the work.
Enhanced Focus:
The appropriate process of metabolism would be affected by not eating your breakfast properly. Therefore, it’s important for you to eat breakfast if you want to improve your focus.
Increased Longevity:
According to some research studies, consuming a full breakfast would also help increase the longevity in an indirect manner.
The above example of breakfast has told us that how concentrating on even little things every day would contribute to our health and wellness. So, never let your stressful work schedules overtake your breakfast schedules. Now, let’s see another example how we can turn things positive during a negative situation with an example of Cuba here. Here is the interesting story of Cuba for you:
Good Things from Lack:
When the Soviet Union disintegrated, Cuba lost its major trading partner and the supplier of energy. The 1990s period was called by the Cubans as the “special period” during which the people had no electricity for almost twelve hours or more in a day and a menacing shortage of food. There was a crisis in almost all aspects of human life. Although the country developed some trade partnerships with China and Venezuela, they took some time to develop. Meanwhile, an array of resources was developed from all parts of the country.
When it comes to health care, the medical system of the country looked for finding the replacement medications for those they no longer obtained from the other countries. Thus, they went on to find some natural and traditional medicines with the plants that grew on the island. It will be surprising for you to note that most of the plants on the island carried medicinal properties. In addition to these, they also looked for proven, as well as inexpensive modalities of treatment like stress management strategies and massage therapies. They even started using mud and sea waters for treatments. Furthermore, they got educated in the application of Eastern medicine and acupuncture from Chinese people.
The Cuban people didn’t stop with just these. In the midst of deficiency of resources, they started realizing the need of disease prevention especially for those diseases they got limited access to treatments. In this line, they started encouraging an integrative approach to the patient-doctor relationship by educating the doctors, as well as medical students to talk to the patients about the aspects of life that are influencing life. The key aspects included the following:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Community
  • Psychological
  • Spiritual

The country’s regulations also made the education of doctors and medical students in natural and traditional medicine mandatory. Thus, the people of Cuba were able to access these inexpensive treatments from all the levels of the health care from physician’s clinic to well-equipped hospitals.
With all these hard efforts, Cuba finally became a working model of “Integrative Medicine” in the health care system. Now, they have some of the lowest costs of health care on the planet with some of the top indicators of quality health care. This is why I took Cuba as an example here to justify the article title. Only in a tough situation (disease), the people would tend to learn about the sweetness of fruit (health). The health care system of Cuba is the perfect example for validating the strength and victory of the focus on health against the disease.
We also need to remember this old adage always and should always try to transform the tougher situations into sweet one by constantly singing the importance of good health and wellbeing.

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