Eating a diet rich in some vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may protect against certain types of cancers
“What you saw today is what you reap tomorrow,” we all know this famous saying which is not just for deeds but also for what we eat! A healthy diet now will lay a healthy foundation for your better tomorrow. Over the last decade, burgers and rolls have replaced our lunch while junk foods have replaced our dinners. These are the main reasons behind many diseases common today.
Good nutrition along with the regular exercise will help you achieve a healthy weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improve the overall health. For a busy, stressful and sedentary lifestyle, a diet which provides all the vital nutrients and proteins is a must to have to make you feel light and competent. All the talk is of no use if you fail to have a healthy diet, so here are the key facts that will lead you to  a healthy diet:
1. Productivity
In 2012, Population Health Management discovered that 66% loss of productivity is found in individuals with unhealthy eating habits. It was also found that the practice of eating healthy food helps increase one’s concentration and thus increases the productivity of a person.
2. Fight depression and anxiety
We become what we eat, so try to eat only healthy food. Junk eating habits tend to make us lazy and lethargic whereas healthy eating keeps us light and energetic throughout the day. Foods that are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables are known to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Inclusion of salmon, nuts, and other fatty fish is also often advised.
3. Weight managements
Do not think that you have to eat less to reduce weight. It’s completely wrong! Teenagers, especially girls are quite often seen skipping meals. But the human body tends to store fat when it’s deprived of its necessities. So eat sufficiently with healthier options.
4. Health improvements
Dietary habits of childhood are likely to be carried to adulthood. If you are inclined towards following unhealthy habits, you are prone to having type 2 diabetes, hypertension and increased body weight. Inclusion of antioxidants, fruits and vitamins is good, as they have additive or synergistic actions of phytochemicals. These directly reduce the chances of chronic disease and in some cases, even cardiovascular diseases.
Here are a few tips to adopt healthy eating habits with little or no efforts:
– Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. There is nothing beautiful than supple skin and water is a must for it. Drinking 2 liters of water everyday will not only keep you hydrated but eliminate toxins from the body.
– Have your meals on fixed times and do not skip them.
– Increase your physical activity with small changes like walking to metro stations, or choosing stairs instead of the lift.
– Pre-plan your cravings. If you have cravings for dessert or a snack during afternoon, try to eat something healthy, like digestive biscuits or a cup of yogurt instead of ice cream.